Max McBride

by Max MCbride

Part 1
Do you love ya self

I asked a female friend do you love ya self
and if so start by hugging ya self
See I asked her that because females
in general, focus to much on taken care of other people
then there self and it hurts them in the long run
Now don’t get me wrong, its cool to help
But you have to take sometime out for ya self and clear ya mind then regroup because life is going so fast
If not by time you look up, years will
done passed you by and you will be old and miserable with nobody to properly love you
So I ask you again, Queen do you love ya
And if so take action now and trust da process
Because God loves you & I do to!

Part 2
Billion dollar dreams& federal nightmare s

As I lay in this cell with 7yrs left on 23
Damn its been along road& I thank God
everyday for the strength ,I have
My vision is big &I know I’m destined
To see a billion dollars, when I get out in
due time and I’m confident in my ability
to see it with my 5 yr plan
Now here’s the nightmare, how can I contain it when I get it ,we’ll I’ll somewhat
leave it in Gods hands and follow his lead
But as you noticed
I said somewhat ,Gods hands & don’t get me wrong, I truely believe in him
But temptation is strong and I can only pray ,I’m strong anuff to overcome it
Trust & believe I’m gonna do good things
with the money for people
My main focus is to put people in better
After I &my team teach them how to
live productive lives
So pray for me and I shall return to earth
4-3-2026 As a strong human being
Ready for the world!

Hello World

Hello World,even doe I’m in a cell
I keep my ears to the streets & I want y’all
to know, I love yall & pray for yall everynight
I’ve been gone 16yrs and can’t wait to get back & be a productive citizen to society
I need to tell all y’all brothers & sisters
outthere in them streets living in the
fast lane ,it don’t pay off in the longrun,
trust me I know, I use to be you & I ‘ve
caused my mother & family so much pain, from
catching all this time for killing a men over drug money
When I was out 16 yrs ago I didn’t know myself
I let the streets guide me to self destruction, I thought I was ballling
And I see a lot of y’all going down that same path
It really ain’t worth it
When you in prison you have to be wise to make it & you will have to fight sometimes to
if you don’t wanna be prey
Ain’t no peace in here
You gonna be worried about ya family
And a lot of ya family is gonna not be
there for you
This is the equivalent of hell ,flat out!
And you have to grow up fast in here
I just want y’all to know it pays off to be
different and not follow the end crowd
So get focus and really figure out what you wanna do before its too late
I’ve been in prison for 16 with 7yrs left
The law ain’t playing ,so wise up now!

Also I would like to thank everybody outthere that check my blog out. I love
y’all positive comments, it keeps me
motived ,I do this for yall & my family.
Also feel free to write me on jpay or a letter
for suggestings about my writings or
if you just wanna build I’m a open ear.
I love yall & be safe outhere.AlsoSmile for me & let nothing stop you from ya destiny.Heal the world & make it a better place!
Sincerely Max Da Great

Max MCbride
DOC #A466513


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