Randall Rebuelta

VIBES by Randall Rebuelta

Are you trying to make make something of yourself or something for yourself?Why won’t we think more about legacy and what we want for our loved ones?there’s leaders and followers we want to teach our kids about those dangers but when it comes to us we aren’t willing to sacrifice.Most want to worry about the next man’s or women’s money or life but ask them if they know there own blood type?(watch there reaction and DON’T LAUGH) So what’s more important? when will a man and women learn to sort out wants and needs in there correct bins with more accuracy?A lot of people want to elevate but won’t jump there’s a fear of failure they say things are hard but NEWS FLASH that’s what makes you stronger and better you can’t climb a mountain with flat sides, I believe you can over come anything you under go, well because I’m going threw a rough journey its tough being without freedom but I refuse to let my past hold my future hostage,I don’t just sit idle with a poor me state of mind counting the days I make the days count.
So not only do I do what I can to make myself better I try to up lift anyone who comes in contact with me and leaves with a positive out look,just a conscious choice to bring quality and creditability to my name, your name is your brand and you have to keep it clean,my families name as a group,my name as a individual, they both have to be right ,why is that missing these days?
Look around, how many people In your circle study today so they know what tomorrow can do? i’m cautious not to unconsciously take on destructive habits that people try to force upon me,with social media going so crazy there’s a value of ones worth threw ”likes” and ”friends” them words that manipulate your thoughts of community love and social status.whoa!!!
That’s why I keep my circle small and I detach from any yesmen or those that don’t share in the vision of prosperity because both can result in the stagnation that we need to avoid and become GREAT!! threw growth and development.

Randall Rebuelta
DOC #503-337


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