Travis Tucker

(The definition of R.E.A.L) By Travis Tucker (Alpha Omega Allah)

I use to think being real was Thugging beyond measure,Selling coke,fly Jewel’s nice car but honestly all I ever wanted was respect for the craft,sticking to the g code feeding my family through whatever means necessary,I felt in love with the life or should I say light young boy shinning at 15 I had my whole hood in prentis park on smash I was getting all the money I didn’t care for girl friend’s at that point though I knew what type of girl I wanted she had to be street and hood but lady like too so I end up getting more than I expected she was real hood she went harder then most my team,she bagged grams,held gun’s sold work and she still knew how to show that lady love when we wasn’t thugging.Shit I probably was trying to fill my older brother shoe’s he was a real boss and his swag was out of this world back then them niggas wore Polo,Tommy Hilfiger,Nautica etc…I was trying to be like tabar ha ha then I noticed how real this game really was,I started smoking cigarettes drinking heavy and stressing the police was jumping out on us all the time searching us in unmarked car’s.On one occasion I dropped my queen off at the corner store in Brighton Portsmouth va,where I hustled at and like 5 minutes later I got a phone call and my guy was like yo the knarks I.e police just snatched her up and they took her downtown to strip search her…My heart was heavy because though she hold my work she was literally the love of my life…I thought it was strategic letting her hold it that day I had gave her 7 grams to hold,So as I sped down to the jail like it was no tommorow she was on her way out the prescient smiling like boy they said
one of the twin’s told them I be holding your work!!!I was so devastated that I stop pumping on that block and also after beating a senseless robbery charge for which I got my now baby mother involved I opted for us to get Job’s, that slow money was very difficult to get use to I was pulling in like 1500 a day profit to making almost 500 every two week’s needless to say it was very short lived I was back booming…This time I wanted to take over the city and with a thorough chick with me there was no stopping me,My ambitions was clear (get money)I gave my mother work I put her In the game now she fuck with the team. I started doing all types of stupid shit selling drug’s out the crib we rest our head’s then one day my world got got sent In peril,It was me my lil man Jermaine and my baby mother nesha in the backyard of my mom crib,I could see two men approaching us that looked suspect,this was one of the few times i was caught slipping without my savior I.e gun its a ugly game and it’s a dog eat dog reality however I had approximately 200 dimes of crack cocaine on my lap and only a few dollar’s In my pocket as they get closer I sense that they was stick up kid’s and I had been hearing about these individuals for sometime a week prior they had stripped this kid name cocamo in front of a restaurant and took his brand new averex jacket and Tims,chain leaving him butt naked in the street’s he had just left the mall,anyway I tossed the work they didn’t see it but clearly someone set me up and put them on to me because after they draw there weapons they search me first he attempted to go inside my ass looking for work they went in my baby mom bra,So when he realized it wasnt what was advertised he said were going in your house…A tear fell from my eye I I told him I couldn’t my mother and sisters are inside and that he would have to shoot me first my baby mother told me to go ahead,I didn’t budge he cocked the hammer back I then knocked on the door and my lil sister open the door once in the front room my mom was watching the stories she didn’t notice who was behind me I said ma give me the work she said Travis boy what the hell you talking bout,I said ma the man got a gun on me,She said oh shit and ran to the flower pot on the TV and grabbed my lil cousin and lil brother work and he jetted out the house….I must say r.I.p he’s not here with us anymore not by my hands but I’m sharing with you what lead to my incarceration and allowing you to see that’s not real!!!What’s real is the fact that during a segregation stint I found myself and true purpose in 2005 while listening to a j-z song I was tired of thugging I yearned change deep down inside I destroyed everything I ever loved I corrupted. my heart was heavy,So j-z said in the song dope man on Shawn carter volume.3 blindfolded expected to walk a straight line/mind moulded taught to love you and hate mines/crime over it at a early age jay shine/fuck the system of lady justice I blaze nines/ya honor I no longer kill my people I raise mine/the soul of mamia in modern day time!!!That verse I pledged to build more then I destroyed as long as I’m alive I am perfect because I was created this way I started studying law and every book known to man for reading is fundamental and spark the cognitive cells in the brain a man is what he think now I’m able to build with my daughter about proper foods and books to intake and raising her up in the image of a queen!!!Thats the definition of real (family first)These sentiments are my real life experiences my book (the remains of pain) coming soon..Free Lamar ealey,Peace to Man,Woman,& Child…

Travis Tucker #1091722
Nottoway corr center
P.O Box 488
Burkeville,va 23922

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