Edward Bowe


[[[ From my first day of living in prison it has been one obstacle over another. However you see,do,hear,speak or touch something; there are people watching & waiting. ” Prison is abnormal compared to free society. *My meaning is that while in prison the normal is not as it seem to be. We be dealing with conditions that are(not normal)no part of free society. And once you act normal in here like you would in free society, prisoners will take you as(abnormal)funny acting or not right. When in fact you are sane & educated “. Therefore most prisoners are ignorant(i.e. don’t know)with a lot of street smart & various talents living in abnormality thinking this is normal prison living,when in fact not(the uneducated prisoner)normal.
Being normal in an abnormal environment is not being normal. Simply because everything around you is in solitary confinement in one form or another. But,free to move as though you are in free society. We live in a society abstract to free society. What we see in here & what you see out there about prisons by watching t.v. are totally different from what really be going on behind these barb wired fences. A society that silently speaks out & cries with a silent voice that only gets heard on the most part to our loved ones. I put myself in here & blame no one. But, when you have done all your prison agendas; why are we not released when we have done all that is required of us “to do” ? Could it be that society is not ready for us ?
Does second chances exist anymore ? Have we truly been given the opportunity to be become free law abiding citizens again ? Especially, since decades have passed & are continuing to pass by. While we sit & wait for to read the words: PAROLE GRANTED. Once released we still have to go to the DMV for IDs & Drivers License. And if a police officer stops you while you are walking & asks you for your ID & you don’t have it. He can arrest you because you are an unknown person. And until someone from your family or Parole Officer claims you. You can be violated before you even get started back to free society as a law abiding citizen again. And you were on your way to the DMV. So to prevent this we should already have our IDs prior to being released.]]]
PS— I can be reached at Buckingham Correctional Center or
thru Jpay by email. Thank you :).

Edward Bowe
DOC ##1186718


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