Edward Bowe

Introducing Edward Bowe

My name is Edward Bowe #1186718(C4-318T), BKCC. I never been in prison & this is my first time ever being in prison. I am 53yrs of age. I came to prison in 1990 with multiple life 60yrs & 10days. The 10days were added with this sentence after I rec’d a misdemeanor charge prior to committing the felonies. After being in jail for some adventuresome months & waiting to go to a penitentiary. I had to go back to court for an unknown reason & that is when I found out about the misdemeanor. I went up early for good behaviour in 2007 for discretionary parole & this was my first time ever talking to a Parole Examiner. I have no mandatory date for release. And I am currently in prison serving my sentences. Thank you.

I can be contacted at: Buckingham Correctional Center; P.O.Box 430; 1349 Correctional Center Rd.; Dillwyn Va.23936

Edward Bowe
DOC #1186718


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