Davin Wallace

“Been All Good”by Davin L. Wallace

I learned a major truth today thru the teaching of the Holy Spirit concerning God’s Word.
A few weeks ago I was led by the Holy Spirit to first spend significant time in my secret place established for God, & then days later I was led to rest one day out of the week. Being that I work 7 days a week with the weekend not being an option. I was led to take Monday & do all I was specifically led to do. Then last I was led to only pray in tongues apart from praying with others for 40 days. I know this seem like a lot & to some it may appear to be a bit religious. But I can assure you that its not even half of what I can & should be doing, & now after being enlightened by the Holy Spirit none of what I do is based on any religious gain nor obligations but purely out of love for God in His glory (who He is & what He has done thru & by every part of His Trinity). The only problem I had, up until today was, I was contradictive. I was unconsciously “doing” (fasting, praying, going to church, in the secret place etc) to have the windows of heaven open for me & those I prayed for, to receive healing, freedom, deliverance, to secure my righteousness & God’s grace, mercy & love. Today I realized by the Holy Spirit’s help that all the things I’ve been seeking has already been established literally thru Jesus Christ, His blood, death, burial & resurrection. I knew this truth in head knowledge but I was blind spiritually to this truth which had me walking against the grain of this truth. But even walking against the truth it still didn’t effect what had been given to me as a gift. So now it’s clear that I can’t earn God’s gifts & grace, nor can I lose it. So instead of me fasting, praying, going to church, spending time in the secret place, interceding, not sinning living right etc to gain anything, I now do these things to glorify, praise, honor & worship God because I already literally have what I’m looking for & was trying to earn. I’m not saying we shall never ask for things because we know we got them, I’m saying we should ask by faith because we know we already got them & eventually stop asking & start praising & thanking the Father for what He’s given. I look at brothers of the Bible such as David, Abraham & Sampson who God loved & favored but yet they lived less than perfect lives & God still blessed them because God had already established that righteousness & grace was unto them. And they didn’t have yet Christ to die for their sins nor the sealing of the Holy Spirit for whom we are considered righteous & holy. Walking with the grain of this truth we shall free because we’re already free, we shall heal because we’re already healed, we should love & forgive because we’re already loved & forgiven & we shall do all these things out of love, honor & reverent fear for God. Now excuse me I’m about to get w/ our God for His glory that’s already “ours”.

Davin L. Wallace
DOC #1101851


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