Travis Tucker

(The Greatest Story Never Told) By Travis Tucker (Alpha Omega Allah)

If I told you that Man which consist of Woman was God,you’d probably laugh or either stop reading entirely.Blessed is those who receive this revelation of truth,for what I am about to bestow on you will last forever discern with a sound mind and pray or meditate on this degree of light…Before Christianity or islam,Buddhism etc we were idol worshippers or we worshipped the sun and in Egypt,Ethiopia we simply seen our selves as God’s!!! However as man evolved so did his politics,The ancient proverb as above so below is a chilling metaphor which expresses mind over matter,Or you may hear that which is in heaven shall be on earth,Take a look at the universe.Sun,Moon,& Star’s etc take a look at our solar system everything is revolving around the sun in harmony with it’s oneness just like a family these celestial bodies receive light/energy from the sun then they produce life.Now look at the human families of planet earth my Queen depends on me for light/energy rather in a form of sperm or being composed balanced mentally for her to bring forth life I.e my physical seed or a proper understanding of our roles.We are a microcosm of the Cosmo’s…Think of a tiny hydrogen Atom not Adam or eve but a actual atom that consist of one proton and one electron along with the nucleus the electron orbits the proton the same way the planet earth orbits the sun the proton is a positively charged particle and the electron negatively charged so there you have it masculine and feminine principles this atom I must say was the first atom and it was asexual meaning able to reproduce on it’s on!this Atom fused with itself created the helium atom and these two atom’s are at the core of the sun where the sun draws all it’s energy from,As above so below…This process took place on earth out of the water the first living organism was the protozoa it has a x and y chromosome – + it was also asexual able to reproduce on it’s own…The thing about nature is it’s absolute and expresses a divine order in which thing’s come to be…Whereas the religious community/popes state’s decree that which is man made traditions, legend’s, myth’s to be law according to prophecies passed down from some righteous and some unrighteous men.The power in this history is evil at it’s core,Man took what was once beautiful about Jesus,Muhammad and made obedient slave’s to form powerful governments with there common cause being rooted in there religion or identity then senseless war’s was waged for land beheading all nonbelievers your land and family was conquered and in return you were promised a heaven for your hell in the afterlife that doesn’t exist…No one dead has ever came back to tell the living what death is like,Intact the law’s of physics is in opposition to this type of thinking the first law is energy or matter cannot be recreated or destroyed,Nothing truly dies all we know is life energy is transformed state to state right back into the collective universe these types of teachings destroys a child ability to reason.So as the term gos as above so below if there able to feed this nonsense to your mental the body will follow and you’ll become the perfect slave…the holy Bible which when properly understood is a beam of light.However the book is only 6000 year’s old…Did you hear me???Now ask yourself was it people here on earth before that???If Adam and eve only had two son’s then who was the women Cain married in the land of nod???What does your bible say in plsams 82v6 and John 10v34 religion is a tool used to indoctrinate save yourself by adopting knowledge of yourself cause you can’t spell belief without a lie In the middle……This degree of light is dedicated to all the free thinker’s and babies who want there mind’s back keep in mind you can’t save everyone,if the truth don’t move you nothing will….Free Lamar ealey!Peace to Man,Woman,& Child….Stay tune for my next build I’ll share with you who is true God!!!

Travis Tucker #1091722
Nottoway corr center
P.O Box 488
burkeville,va 23922


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  1. You misinterpreted the 6000. It does not say that the Bible is 6000 years old. From “In the Beginning” till Jesus comes back is 6000. But without the Spirit of God dwelling inside us, we cannot understand the Bible because we are spiritually discerned. 1 Corinthians 2:14. Jesus said I AM the way…If we don’t repent, we all die in our sins…If you don’t believe that I Am he, we will all die in our sins. So if you want to understand the Bible, you must confess you’re a sinner, repent, accept Jesus as your Lord & Savior and he will forgive you of your sins and he will fill you with the Holy Spirit, then you will become born again because we are “Dead in our tresspasses & sins”.


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