Kristine Cosgrove

Sympathy for Persephone’ by Kristine Cosgrove

I wake up sad sometimes. Sad about the choices I’ve made. Sad about the friends, and family that no longer speak to me. Sometimes, I am even sad that I was born. I don’t like who I am. I don’t like who I have become, and changing it seems like a mountain top I cannot climb.

I am the quiet blonde girl with thoughtful green eyes who’s always reading a book in the corner of the room. Persephone’ in Greek mythology tells the tale of a beautiful young woman who is taken to the underground, or kidnapped rather, and separated from her family, and one true love. I can relate to Persephone’. Though I don’t have a true love — other than my writing, I have been separated from my family. I have always felt different. Separate, and yes — even marginalized by society. But have I made myself feel this way, or – like Persephone’, have external forces beyond my control caused me to ‘react’ this way? Much of my journey in life has been to discover, and embrace my own uniqueness. I am also learning to accept my darkside, and my light. Sometimes life just throws us a curve ball out of the blue, and we have to remain flexible to the sudden changes in our circumstances. It’s okay to feel sad — it will pass as they say.

To those of you reading my very first post on my blog, I offer up a poem inspired by women just like you.

“Noble Queens”

Women around the world
hold your heads up high
let your strength, and courage
outnumber the stars up in the sky –
Make your lives a song
worthy of the largest choir
sing of love, and beauty =
and, everything that you desire
Behold, we are Noble Queens
so eloquent, and fine =
capable of change
one symphony at a time.

Kristine Cosgrove
DOC #WF9774


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