Dennis Ray

Shipwrecked by Dennis Ray

Because of you I sleep no more deeply than a panther draped across a forest limb. And with that knowledge has come power, and you know, one can never have to much power. It has been nearly a month, since I’ve written another soul. Lingering here as well is a love I’ve kept entirely on hold. It would be wonderful to find someone ,who cared just as much. Being baffled on all side’s by disappointments, these thoughts have leaped upon me like day old luggage. It’s funny how all sort’s of things will jump out at you , for all sort’s of obvious reasons. So one must keep his ship tight .It could comes, like a wave of hesitation. As if this was a mirage in a strange desert. Only to be swept away by , some unforeseen force. Never again to hear the sound of your voice. But what a delight it has been , to have had the pleasure of your company. Especially in this late night hour. Perhaps, I to will a company you some day upon some unforeseen journey. But if not, you hold the sound fruit of my devotion. Once again you have a steady stream of tears ,departing from the window’s of my eye’s, only to disembark, far beyond the shelter of your arm’s. And why must I be so lonely here without you ? When there is no more love to be found . How I wish this was all just a dream !
With the highest recommendation to be loved . Yours truly, Mid Knight Star *

(This letter is dedicated to my beloved Janice Wilson Patterson. Who has gone home to be with the LORD. )

Dennis Ray
DOC #A661-634


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