Davin Wallace

“Proud Father” by Davin L. Wallace

I can honestly say I am a proud father. Proud to have 4 children who I adore, love & respect. Growing up without a father figure in my life, I accepted at a young age that this was natural. So with this lie being my reality, I found myself giving my own children a watered down version of a real man & father throughout their childhoods. Most sadly on my part is the fact that I actually thought I was a sufficient father because I succeeded my parents mark which wasn’t really a mark at all. But to my mothers defense she was a great mom until her involvement in drugs. So she did have an excuse, but for me & my own father we just didn’t live up to who God gave us the opportunity to be as real fathers. For me it could be said that the lack of good parenting played apart in my life of crime & rebellion against authority. But now as I look at my own children, that excuse is also unacceptable. Three of my children have experienced a fatherless life & have been under the care of a drug addicted mother majority of their childhoods. So me & my children lives haven’t been that much different other than me & their mother have been in their lives to be able to say they know us & that their mother got it together with enough time to raise them into fine adults. Unfortunately my life with them has always have had a negative cloud in one way or another. Glory be to God despite all they have experienced I can truly say they didn’t just weather the storm they beat it. At 26, 22, 20 & 17 they have proven to have broken the cycle of mess that previous generations of our family have waddled & dwelled in. For 3 of my children & their mother we as family have improved in our communication, show of love, support for one another, decision making, spiritual walk & connection & in our respect & honor for each other. I definitely thank God & Kydada for giving me the opportunity to be a father especially in the position I’m in because at the beginning of this bid I thought I had no chance in hell & but instead me & my children are closer than I would’ve imagined. Don’t get it twisted we still have family issues, whether one on ones or group problems. But its never a problem that I don’t believe God can & will resolve. Actually now that my children have become adults I’m realizing I got to accept & respect my princes dating & my junior is a grown man with all of them having a voice, opinions, concerns, likes & dislikes that I got to consider like I will have to with any other man or woman. At the beginning & end of the day they my babies & I love them to & till death especially when things isn’t peaches & cream, because it gives me opportunity to show what a proud loving father will do. Our children are the greatest natural gift that our own heavenly Father has given us so that we can experience what He experience as a proud loving Father. This is dedicated to all my children but at this time especially for my son, 1st born Davon who seem to have suffer the most from my bad decisions. I love u with every breath God blesses me with.

Davin L. Wallace
DOC #1101851


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