Euguene Cumberbatch

—-^——-Life Lines–By Euguene Cumberbatch (Lxthagr8)

Lines are very essential to our existence, wise men an woman deal with signs and symbols.Its when we ignore the signs & symbols we usually Xperience problems with obstacles. There are all sorts of lines,traffic lines for our safety,grocery lines for our daily nutrients, or banking lines for our financial Business,thin lines between love &hate etc etc. But all the lines I’ve mentioned require a substantial amount of restraint as well as order in order for things to run smoothly. Lines & order are synonymous with eachother because lines can’t function without order……so why do we want things to run smoothly when we don’t use all the elements required to live a successful,healthy,prosperity life of love &freedom.I always hear woman & men saying how they can’t seem to find a compatible partner,saying ”niggas ain’t shit/bitches ain’t shit (pardon my English)but almost 100% of the time we receive what we put out ie we attract are likeness.I want to challenge us to put to rest all the hindrance in our lives,excuses,haterisms,prejudice, procrastination, past mistakes, put it all in a imaginary box that fits in the palm of your hand ,clench your fist tight as you can meditate on it,take4 deep breaths,hold the 5th breath for 5 seconds release slowly unclench your fist and give your hands one loud hard clap,this may seem awkward but it has proved to be effective our minds operate off of visual by closing our eyes it forces our minds to create visuals.L.E.T.G.O!!!!and live life.we as human beings find it difficult to let go but with all the weight we carry on our shoulders, we must lighten the load in order to advance in life .I’m not a man to make promises i cant stand on,but I assure you when you let go (and it is a process)you will not only see results you will see a change in your decision making as well.I dont believe in luck,but I wish you peace -prosperity- love and of all, a better understanding in this journey of life.peace:-) as always $$f ($tay $ucka free)
LX(Life Xperience)

Euguene O’Nell Cumberbatch
DOC #574927

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