Zedrick Spencer

Introducing Zedrick Spencer

My name is Zedrick Ray Spencer. I’m 21 years of age. My intake day is April 4th, 2017 and my earliest projected release date is October 5th, 2025. I’m serving a ten year sentence. Some things I’d like to have everyone know is that I’m a very active and fun individual. I am taking this time that I have in prison to invest in a better fututre for not only myself but my family. I’m attending college courses as well as working a private industry job. I am doing my best to keep my mind on God and learn to be what he wants me to be in life, not what others want me to be. I have so much to learn in life and I’m very eager to learn how to abide in peace with everyone.
If someone chooses to contact me, they can write or type a letter to my address, which is the following:

Zedrick Spencer #0115932
P.O.Box 311
Eldorado, KS 67042


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