Karlton Kincaid


The horizon of our consciousness yields to the enlightenment of pure beingness in existence. One’s horizon is the potential of what beingness is, beingness is where one experiences the horizon, one’s beingness is when beingness has been it’s horizon, beingness is the one whose horizon foresees, destiny is why the horizon of one’s beingness will be, and the mystery of how one’s horizon is being in existence enlightens all of those unconscious of their universal alignment and reconciliation to our ultimate source of purity. Being unconscious of how enlightened one is to the mysteries of existential behavior, initiates our awareness toward a transcendant climate of spirituality. Can the horizon of consciousness sufficiently reveal pure existence? True beingness is unveiled only through personal engagement with the acceptance of humanties incapability to comprehend it’s own substantiality entirely, however the enlightened can discern and interpret one’s personal mystery. The mystics are guides to a sense of how faith navigates through the unconscious. Our being manifests’ why enlightenment is the destiny of one’s existing behavior. The awareness of spiritual initiation is a climax of divine ascendency. Can pure consciousness sustain an ever-lasting height above it’s horizon? True beingness is culminated by an oscillating personal engagement of inner-conflict and resolution of substantial extremes, however the enlightened can neutralize and designate a stimulus of personal destiny. The destine consecrate a sense of why aspiration navigates which manifests’. Enlightener’s are conscious of whose being is the one foreseen to behave in existence and their spiritual initiative avails to the descendent of climatic awareness. Can accurate prediction be made of consciousness and it’s horizontal projection? True beingness exponentially exemplifies a habitual persona of engagement and the amibition of it’s enlightenment comes to proof that it’s substance is applicable to personal insight. Those foreseeing will intuit a sense of who consciously translates divine navigation. Manifested beings beome enlightened when one persistently re-evaluates the history of existent behavior. The initiative of spirit ascends through the climate of our awareness to inspire others. Can the reminisce of consciousness pre-determine the remaining condition of it’s horizon? True beingness possesses definitive persons of an engagement with which interaction substantially retains an enlightening personal history. Our divine historian advises our sense of navigation when a time is manifested. The subconscious of being captures where the locale of enlightenment capacitates an existing behavior to experience. Heretofore, the unaware involuntarily climax and initiate an ascending spirit. Can the permenance of fleeting consciousness ever be supremely content with any specified location on it’s horizon? True beingness exercises an interest to engage personal stimulation and compatible substantiality, furthermore cultivated enlightenment is shared of personal experience. The experiencer subconsciously inquires where an instinctive navigation senses it’s circumvention. Unmanifestation is the being of which enlightenment becomes of what the one is potentially in existence behaving. The initiate of spirit ascends the divine climate to become aware of it’s indistinct likeness. Can the horizon of our consciousness become exempt of our existing oneness? True beingness is all which derives, traverses abroad, and to which all reconcile as an engaged personality, sofaras enlightnment is concerned personal potentiality is unsubstantial and it’s eneffability is reserved solely for it’s acceptance as it purely is. One’s unmanifested potentiality is a hidden sense of what navigates as our prime fruition of divinity. The horizon of our social alignment endows us with universalty and consciousness personifies the source of our existence. Our behavior is a display of varying awareness and disposition. Beingness is the All-Personality of persons exploring our own existence. Our horizon is purely you and I.

Savvinardo Savinci

DOC #657181

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  1. This is… just wow! Keep up the positive writing. I can’t believe how much you’ve grown, I’m so proud, and happy for you! Yes!!!!!! This poem was everything.


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