Eric Hendon

Gained By Eric Hendon

waking up everyday deprived of your freedom is a difficult task I manage to accomplish on a daily basis within the circumference of these gates that surrounds me 24/7. I continue to strive unwillingly as if this reality is my second nature. so I ask myself ? how could confinement feel so natural ? is it me subconsciously telling myself to acknowledged defeat and accept the obvious things I’m unable to change ? I’m honestly not sure. however looking back in hindsight reevaluating my life and how it came to be. I’ve come to the conclusion that what I thought was me ” living ” was me actually just ”existing”. lost and unaware of my purpose wondering around aimlessly. As my idol mind became the devils playground, in the mist of creating havoc for others, I did the unimaginable. And as a result. I’ve gained a burial plot behind one of these institutional facilities I have to look forward to in the future with no family members in attendance. some Gain………………

Eric Hendon
DOC #a683128

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