The Midas Touch By: Rodney Fenner

You save me front the insanity of the calamity in my midst
The timbre of your voice gives my mind no choice but to drift
To a place where I can escape to a blissful relaxing mood
Where my thoughts only sought the gorgeous vision of you
Precious, priceless and powerfully provoking
Searing my senses until they’re sizzling and smoking
You bring a vibrancy to my life that it’s never before seen
And a joy some people only experience in dreams
Tonight you said that with words, I have the Midas Touch
But really, I’m only expressing how I love you so much
Everything I say is really an extension of you
Incited and ignited by the things you say and do
Inspired by the fire of desire you create
Culminating and manifesting in the best way for your sake
In a perfect universe, you would have been the first in my heart
And I would soak into your soul so you’ll know we shouldn’t part
With this distance in between, it still seems no different
When I hear you, I’m near you. I feel you when I listen
You’re my Queen and I’ll craft you a crown out of my essence
To show my gratitude for having you as a blessing
I want you forever. To have and to hold
Because it was really your touch that turned me into gold

Rodney Fenner
DOC #1436377

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