Matthew Epperson

Second of Seven by Matthew Epperson

A while ago I made a blog entry about self awareness. This blog entry is relatively close to the same concept in the fact that obtaining wisdom, we have to seek it out and deny ourselves, practicing self control. I hope that through the rest of the seven decisions that we can learn to help one another through encouragement, and also help ourselves through the instruction of constructive criticism.


Knowing that wisdom waits to be gathered, I will actively search her out. My past can never be changed, but I can change the future by changing my actions today. I WILL change my actions today! I will train my eyes and ears to read and listen to books and recordings that bring about positive change in my personal relationships and a greater understand of my fellowman. I will seek to serve others. No longer will I bombard my mind with materials that feed my doubts and fears. I will read and listen only to what increases my belief in myself and my future.

Go see something live!


Matthew Epperson
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