Making Literary Love By: Rodney Fenner

My aim is to touch you with every letter in every word
Wrapping my sentences around the skin of your soft curves
Rubbing you intimately with my affectionate verbs
And stimulating the passion in all of your nerves

I want to move you with just the power of a phrase
Putting you in the midst of a euphoric haze
By removing your clothes in an articulated way
And admiring your body through my literary gaze

Read about how I tenderly enter inside
Every stroke of my pen stroking you alive
Up and down. The curves of my letters give you a ride
Gradually allowing the suspense in your body to rise

Let your eyes follow my words to your peak
Telling about how I built you up until you leak
How you want to scream, but can only squeak
Explaining the climax of your body’s heat

I will describe how your body drains itself of my lines
And you think about the zenith to which you climbed
But not a moment for rest. Here is the reprise
My pen will go to work and do it a second time

Rodney Fenner
DOC #1436377

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