Matthew Newton

A Journey to Discover Truth: (The Form) by Matthew L Newton

It has come to my attention, or rather traveled to my attention, and not so much by the sender however more by the lost that now may be or better now may the time possibly be for a re-installment of some old yet powerfully classic exhalings of the Satirical Imagings of an Insane Traveling Newt.
Now, dearest reader, it has been stated that these are on and most be considered to be a part of those many vessles flowing from what is seen as the heart but mistaken for passing flutter, or fluff; which ever the method less concerning. Yet time, fickle as she is need pass, and on this day faster than I may like and or appreciate so instead of the many modeled dribble I will simple state them as so:

Begin By Giving Up.
Give Up By Letting Go.
Let Go By Moving Forward.
Move Forward By Being Responsible.
Be Responsible By Showing Compassion.
Show Compassion By Sharing Wisdom.
Share Wisdom By Being Inspired.
Be Inspired By Lasting Love.

Matthew Newton
DOC #81868


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