Willie Ogletree Jr.

we the people by: Willie ogletree Jr.

what is true patriotism? many people will give you an opinion of what that is but in reality only about 1% is a true portion of what true patriotism is all about,the rest is emotional blindness by good people who have been manipulate or mislead by people who have twisted opions or who have been nudged in a certain direction by someone intentionally placed in position to limit their options and cause them to believe that they are making the right choice about what patriotism is.
it has been well established that fear,silence and ignorance are the main tools being used to create laws that silently and slowly strips us of our freedoms.true patriotism first starts with understanding that the people are the ones who truly count. we have to let go of our own personal ignorance and selfishness so that we can begin to heal our country and work on the future becoming one true tribe of all colors.most people say that their patriotic but they don’t really love this country or it’s people because if they did they would know that before you can go out into the world and try to fix everyone else’s problems that you would have to first fix your own,which would then cause others to see us as that beacon of hope for all.the people of this land make this country what it is,and there are those who would argue that I’m wrong because they want us to keep on the blinders and distrust the idea that the founding fathers of the constitution are the format which makes this country.that would be one of the most untrue manipulating things I have yet to hear,it’s time to wake up and understand that it is””we the people””not the constitution that make the sacrifices necessary to protect it’s people but rather the people themselves, the everyday citizens, the police,the fire department and so many other strangers that have given and gave their all to make this country what it is but that is being forgotten because we have lost sight. one of the most insane things that I have heard and people of this country have allowed is given a corporation the same rights as one of the true human beings of this country. this is a part of the sickness that we have allowed to infect our democracy.did you know that the only way for America to be “great” is for it’s government to put their real patriotism out there and become “WE THE PEOPLE”.

Willie Ogletree Jr
DOC #a406-823


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