Karlton Kincaid


The expectancy of even our interpreted dreams engage intuity and guides us with an uncertain compass. Uncertain of what is actually occuring, where we are in actual present, when things begin and end, who actually is of which we are, why the actuality of things become, and how to properly interpret of which we suspect to be real. We should oft-wise yield to a suspicion uninterpretantly, enabling an enhanced precision of realization of an experience as it is. How is it that we speculate upon a supposed certainty? Even of which is vague is truly as it really is. Oft-wise we yield to which has become, because it is why relief liberates us from the anxiety of things being misunderstood. Why are things so often comprised of misunderstandings? Haste and convenience compel inaccurate assumptions to efficiently substitute the lacks of our understanding. Yield to who has gradually illustrated a character of progressive consistency. Who is so consistent to be though of which changes all the same in progress? We are whose illustration graduates from which is indifferent to whether we oft-wise exemplify authenticity. As the constancy of life is, only are we intrigued when enabled to yield an intuited start or finish. When is it that a timely occupation employs our life and it’s insurance compensates a life-effort? Death beholds the account of which we’ve lived worthwhile being born. We yield to experience where which things happen to capture our attentive now. Where are we to be without of which awareness is conscious of being? Whether awake or asleep are we dreaming and true dreamers never sleep. Real life is an undimensional consciousness as the ever-now. Though of what is, do we yield to which is comprehensive and uncertian. What is so, that occurs to be grasped by the interests and ignorance of those engaged? Acceptance endows us with experience and experience immortalizes the actuality of which is crystallized in fate and destiny becomes the fulfillment of life. The uncertain are as sure as they aren’t and are as sure as they are uncertain. It is okay to dream, because truly are we all of which is dreamt of. I had a dream lastnight that 2pac listened to my ambitions.(literally) So……. was it inspiring.

Savvinardo Savinci

DOC #657181

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