Sean Brown

-Pressure Cooker- by Sean Brown

What forms us? What shapes & molds us? What starts off as dust, dirt, ashes, etc., when placed under extensive amounts of pressure & intense heat for the right amount of time can become an entirely new substance, a Spectacular Jewel of immense strength & durability!
We know how diamonds are formed, yet it’s not just the pressurizing of carbon or coal which forms precious rarities. The heating & pressurization of fossils (dead organisms, broken bones) also create jewels & fuel to propel the future forward. There are companies which specialize in turning cremated ashes into “diamond” jewelry.
So, out of the ashes of the broken, discarded, burnt remains an entirely new Monument of Hope can be constructed. Broken does not have to equal destroyed.
When man conceived the Idea of flying, he had to engineer the vehicle with precise design. But in order to survive & thrive @ the highest heights, the logistics of how to breathe @ those heights had to be figured out. What was discovered was the need to pressurize the cabin & keep it sealed in order to maintain the proper oxygen levels.
We NEED pressure in order to survive @ those elevated heights. The higher we rise above sea level, the further we venture beyond our normal capabilities & realms of understanding, the more Pressure is required to keep going.
The same goes for when man decided to explore the depths beneath the oceans’ surfaces. The deeper we travel beneath the surface of standard vision & the appearance of things, the only way to breathe & keep from being crushed by the weight is to surround ourselves in a field of Pressure to counterbalance that weight.
A burden is weight that’s thrust upon us whether we want it or not, & burdens are laborious. Pressure is a concentrated force which we need in order to forge us into what we’re meant to be; & it’s an enveloping force which surrounds us, squeezes us, yet also protects us while pressing us on further.
Pressure is that state which we dwell in & can destroy or forge us into something greater. Either way it changes us in some way. So, if we aspire to great things, to be what we’re born to be, to fulfill our Purposes, then we have to embrace pressure, for it will only forge us into our Destiny!

Sean Brown
DOC #1083630


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