Karlton Kincaid



live in the light of one’s wave,
light the way with one’s life-ray,
one’s ray reaches the lives of day,
rest in the night of which one may,

may one live as arise a wave,
waves falls as death of one’s fate,
fate calls to each life, each life one grace.
life’s ray illuminates the shore of each day,

the day of which we each pray,
lies the truth in the night of shade,
the cast of shade upon sight it’s fate,
the sight of fate, the fear of brave,

brave is the ray, it’s constance illuminates.
illuminati is the fate of transparencies wake.
awaken to the light, in the dark are who wait.
who waits for a ray, of which they purely emanate.

Savvinardo Savinci

DOC #657181

Categories: Karlton Kincaid, poems

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