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almost home my name is johnathon laws 537891 and ive been locked up since 2008.i get out in january of 2020.i have acomplished alot since ive been locked up and intend to do things alot different when i get a carpenter,arborist and tattoo artist by very good at all three if i can say so without sounding conceded.ive been doing all three since i was very young and they are all my 31 and i have 4 kids that are the most important thing in my life.i dont speak to any of my fmily and havent for years.ive been on my own since i was twelve years old and had children since thirteen.i wasnt always the best father but i tried my best to be there financialy first and physicaly second.i wish i had knon then what i know now.i have taken steps to better myself since aand mde changes in my personality as well as charictor that i believe will be essential keys to me success and help me stay out and be the father im supposed to and very cpable of oldest child has already graduted highschool and im just now in college myself.ive always had a great job and even owned my own buisnesses a few times,but i always chose to sell and use drugs as well.evn surrounded by drugs in here i have restrained nd held true to being drug free,for the most part,while in here.i have had few slips nd i know im not perfect,but once im released i know whas at stake and refuse to alllow myself to be put back in prison and lose anymore of my valuable life to this ready to live life nd im hoping to meet new ppl bc everyone ive ever known is no longer a prt of my life either bc they chose not to be,or i chose to remove them from my circle bc i know they will only bring me down or back here.i want to live life and enjoy the rest of whats left with alife worth ois to short to give away a dy of it to this physical,mental and emotional prison that was not designed to reabilitate ny of us.prison was designed to make money nd i cn assure you that while some people thrive and earn a living off of this corperation,others like our fmilies and the state itself,lose money in multiplying thousands by the minute.i wont help people that are bigger criminals thn most of us in here make living at our exspence any almost home nd i will stay there once i find out where it is after my release.i will make a home and live my life right.hope i shed some light on my view of this place and who i am.thank you for your ears. johnathon laws 537891 ,at, 1630 prison rd.cotton port ,la 71327.

Johnathon Laws
DOC #537891

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  3. Very nice thought you are very lucky because you have four kids. I also admired passion because you doing great hard of your kids.My best wishes to you and your family!


  4. Thank you for the generous words, Jim, and I’m very grateful to be named as the lead contributor. Who would have thought that a simple scofflaw like me, who spent his time misspelling graffiti and stealing garden gnomes, would rise to such heights? (No need to answer.) I should probably mention that if my cloning experiments succeed, there will be several of me. I am hoping we get along and one of us knows how to cook.


  5. Congratulations to you and to your children. You are inspiring. I see a judgeship in your future. God bless you and your family.


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