Max McBride

by Max MCbride

Part 1

The concept of living is living
If you ain’t living, you dieing slow everyday
If you don’t have a vision and path to get
What are you living for ?
If you ain’t controlling it
It will control you
Everything start with a thought from are
minds and how we interpret it is how it
will come out
We have the will power
From are heavenly father,
to process are thoughts,make reason
then react accordingly
This happens with training are minds
and putting the right things in them
because the mind ,loves pleasure good
or bad
So who’s side is you on?
Life or death!

Part 2
What I miss

I miss hugging my mom
and telling her I love her
I miss seeing my family and bonding
with them
Now that I been gone my family have
separated like tribes and I’m truly hurt
by that ,I pray for them
I miss waking up and just cooking my own breakfast
I miss been able to make love to my girlfriend and make her happy everyday
I miss having a job and been responsible
I miss been my own man because in prison are manhood is restricted to a
certain extent
I miss life on earth period and can’t wait to return
Because I feel like I’m out of space literally!

Max MCbride
DOC #A466513


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