Willie Ogletree Jr.

Introducing willie ogletree Jr.

happiness to all,my name is willie ogletree Jr.I’ve been incarcerated since November of 2000.I was 29 years of age when I arrived and now I’m 47years of age.I will be released in the year 2035.despite my circumstances I’m a very good person who has made some bad choices that I blame on my own immature and ignorance. I come from a very good and respectful family who did what they could.I’ve been to prison more than once so I have a total of about 28 years of being confined.I am self educated, you have to do it yourself if you want to be rehabilitated.I try to treat everyone the way that I wish to be treated.I love to have open dialogue from people who have something to say.I hope to hear from you all soon as always happiness.
you can contact me at jpay.com located in Ohio at the Mansfield correctional institution u.s.a respectfully

Willie Ogletree Jr
DOC #a406823

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