During my incarceration I lost hope
I lost hope in my family,friends
and as time went by I started to lose
hope in myself.the reason being is that I got caught up in adjusting to life behind bars and away from my loved ones.I invested so much time into bitterness and anger that I forgot about my blessings and at times I was getting blessed an didn’t even realize it.I was in the hole cold and miserable and didn’t want nothing to do with anybody unless they wanted to fight..the institution chaplain came around and handed out bibles and daily bread reading material. and that’s when the eyes of my heart opened up and I knew that it was a being blessed. I was in the hole 110 days.I had a chance to thank god for putting me where I was because he gave me reassurance that there is hope only I you take the time to appreciate the blessings that you do have my biggest blessings are my health the air I breathe and this second chance at life.I’ve regained hope and control of my life…

Trammmel Garrett
DOC #668-291

Categories: hope, Trammel Garrett

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  1. Mel this angel I’m sorry to been away so long. I had to get me in check … I love you still … I got you baby💘


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