Ronald Johnson

America I Am Ronald Johnson-

El P.O. Box 311, EDCF 79020 El dorado, KS. 67042
Now as the Great History of this Great Nation we made upright Men and Women Law Enforcement Personal, paying them decent and thus giving them the opportunity to change Lives for the Better , now they did not have 4 Seasonal homes as many American D.O.C. Wardens and several of the upper Staff have. Listen as Students make the Best Teachers, Why not Men And Women who been to prison be the Wardens and Upper Level Staff itis after all the Great American Way !!! They will take less pay be more effective in the Job!!!!! They will not Extort The Poor of the Nation,Please America come together and and make the Change that is needed Starting with Self !!!! NRA what a running joke you all are !!!!! The Right to Bare Arms SHALL NOT BE INfringed upon !!!!!! Why is this for profit ORG. Supporting this Unlawful act of policies and codes that is not AMERICAN ????? Think America.

Ron Johnson
DOC #79020

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