Timothy Beasley

{ The Man in The Mask } By: Timothy Beasley

When I look in the mirror at the person I see,
Sometimes I wonder “who’s looking at me”?
He puts on a mask before facing the day.
Though his heart feels heavy, his cares he pushes away.

In his eyes there’s a sparkle, on his brow not a frown,
And when he’s ready to go, he’s up, never down. There’s no sign of trouble on the mask that he wears,
if I didn’t know any better, I’d say he hasn’t a care.

But under the mask there’s lost dreams and some pain, And a deep well of strength that fills again and again.
Most never look deeper than the mask that he wears,
What they see on the surface is all that they care.

But oh what they’re missing by not lifting that mask, The surface is never the place one should bask. The core of a person is what you must know, If you look deep inside, the real self will show.

The privilege of knowing a person that deep
is truly a treasure, filled with memories to keep. Most people know heartache and have a story to tell, but they’re wearing a mask to cover their hell.

Adversity met and risen above. Fills a person with depth in teaches great love. So don’t take for granted just what you see, My scars in these Bars don’t define me; Look under the mask, that’s where you’ll find me.

Being behind these bars changes life’s, it also put’s up barriers on a new life outside of these bars,that’s why I say The Man in The Mask….

Timothy Beasley
DOC #624-069

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