Karlton Kincaid



of which I am made, so am I klay.
mold am I made, a figure of klay.
smooth am I made, dryings of klay.
made am I imaged, engravens of klay.

klay am I grooved, unique in a way.
the way I am grooved, the like which you may.
may I be grooved, that permits me to stay.
on the shelf of your life, where I’m seen everyday.

everyday would be great, if I’m painted beauty.
a beauty in life, admired each day.
a day to be loved, a night where I’m safe.
if a burglar would, I’d be stolen away.

a fear to broken, be careful with me.
fragile am I, like hearts that can break.
belief is a love that repairs with it’s faith.
faith is a love that believes we are safe.

Savvinardo Savinci

DOC #657181

Categories: Karlton Kincaid, poems

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