Max McBride

by Max MCBride

Part 1
We where made for each other

The way we look at each other, is so intense
That’s how I know we was made for each other
The things we have in common ,makes me feel like you are my soul mate
Our sex is like been out of space
Just me in you in our own world
just making passionate love with no
care in the world
I thank God everyday I wake up next to
My Queen,my everything

Part 2
A kiss

A kiss means a lot
A kiss is communication
for the souls to interact
and warm up to the moment
A kiss is like a appetizer
before a full course meal
Hmm, I’m hungry……..

Part 3

From the moment I saw you at the club
moving seductive on the dance floor
I saw us having mind blowing sex
Then when you came to the bar and caught my eye
I saw my future wife ,it definitely was lust at first sight then the love came
Its been tens yrs now of a great marriage
with everything I could dream of
Its count time wake up !
And stand up for count now!

Max MCbride
DOC #A466513


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