Timothy Beasley

{ $trong } By: Timothy Beasley

Found something worth fighting for,but why die if you can stay alive & still protect what’s yours. Only the $trong $urvive and I don’t intend on tapping out,Quit is a four letter word, that I know nothing about.

Life may not always be fair and sometimes it can led you down. But its always our choice to get up or lay on the ground. Only the $trong $urvive, so always keep that in mind. Keep it moving forward and always stay on the grind.
Nobody in this world can stop you from making your dreams come true.
The only one who can hold you back,just so happens to be you!
So do what you gotta do & forget what your critics say,And run through any obstacles that stands in your way. Always keep fighting.. Never quit,tap out or give in. We all gotta lose a few before we actually win.
So do what it takes and never run or hide, And don’t ever forget…
Only the $trong $urvive!

Food for thought for the people who feel like giving up on their dreams or just giving up always remember its someone out there that’s going thru something worst than you. Stay focus and keep your head up and fight,and believe in yourself.

Need someone to listen,talk to me my ears are open.

Pics coming to a blog near you. Or get at me I got videos Lol


Timothy Beasley
DOC #624-069


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