“Mother Matrix” poem by Ronald Walker

The world as we know it is over and done with/ She rises from the ashes which makes Her Phoenix./ We are the Suns of the Goddess who bring Apocalypse/ so the Mayans spoke the truth, a nation of Prophets./ Gates to doorways await Her entrance/ welcome to the other side of the Matrix./Aquarius is the House we now reside in/ the Water-Bearer in the pantheon of god-men./ A new world where She is supreme in conscience, intelligence, and the art of medicine./ She is the Creator of the Titans who gave birth to gods/ who gave life to man, who gave life to lies/ made religion from the muck and I’m not surprised that he turned life into wine to distort the vine./ It is the return of the Gloriousness of Isis/ the prime of creation and Mother of bliss./ Sentient in being and soft to the kiss/ She of the moon who bleeds ‘twixt the hips./ Mother Matrix, matriarchist, the Dark Goddess has returned to the throne, She’s been missed./She brought forth thru birth/ heavens and Earth, seeds in the dirt, priceless in worth./ Oceans to search, the cause of the curse/ Her pain and Her hurt, so She should come first./ Although She was first./ Like Eve in the garden/ being taught by the serpent/ then taught the children how to be god-men./ This is the knowledge straight from the Goddess/ She who is college/ and She who the mind is./ Mind is the godsend, read between the lines and/ see who the Prime is/ see why the sky bends./ Honor is then given, to life, that’s the women/ and She shall remain the reason for living. MOTHER MATRIX.

Ronald Walker
DOC #366502


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