Johnnell Jhonson

Introducing Johnnell Jhonson

Hey My Name is Johnnell Jhonson an my num is 695094 lebanon oh 45036. im from springfield oh. im 33 an i got 6 yrs letf. i wont to thank u for leting me be apart of your blog. today i wont to tlk about loyalty, i dont understand how a person can say they love u so much when your on the outs but soon as u get locked up no matter if its your mom or your babe mom, it seems lke they turn their back on you when your down. i feel lke if they truly luv u they will be in your corner no matter wht. ms. suzie thank u for your time today an i hope u have a blessed day. johnnell johnson 695094 lebanon oh 45036

Johnnell Jhonson
DOC #695094

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