Major McCormick

If only it was my day dreams on screens….. by Major Mccormick

I would say… Im waiting on the girl that truly wants to understtand life with me, one that has a laid back approach with men, allows me space to think and understands that I know she is all the woman I need. See in this day of cells, and technological bells you no longer hear wedding bells, maybe door bells, wam bam the men now days are to inconsiderate to say thank you maam so they scream and your text become spam and youre left alone again wondering if this is all life has to offer. Many are so entangled witth the new way of dating they never notice the wrong of it. Dontt talk to sttrangers, dont invite strangers into your house, dontt let them around your children, dont send ttthem nude or scant pictures. Stay alert! Dont Allow your desperation to smile and flirt at the thought of a one or two night afair that only causes more despair. Think of this with me any one born before 1983 knows this love was made through long meaningful conversations before the first date beteen the first date before the first kiss and between the deeper issues before you actualy made love you shared love letters, you met a decent amount of the persons family and friends, it was official tha you were a item, but love was lost almost instantly witha dating site a, a phone, social media, now you meet the picture, the text, the email, a little of the voice , no family , then a bedroom, and you wonder why you never hear wedding bells. The bells to your text slow down now a bell in your head should ring this guy knows what he’s talking about! Yes! you’re the girl im looking forward to understanding life with me…. This is what you’re looking for in a man, a personal intimate relationship, one that will replace all of the boys, the hurt, and the pain, and tarnished self image they helped create. Im not superman, neither am i perfect, but I am man not in title, in deed only, the man is supposed to protect his woman from this world because she is the sweetest thing in his world and protecting means being careful with her feeling her wishes, her desires, her dreams, her needs, all that comes along with her personality, and fantasies. I just maybe your dream come true, If only….. you and I are willing to make getting to know eachother our reality. Thank you and please enjoy your day..

Major Mccormick
DOC #686167

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