#Baby Mom’s, By; Timothy Beasley

I sit here in this cell wondering if I could choose my own baby mother,but I know u can’t. So I ask God what is the connection between me and my baby mom?
Cause I just don’t understand if a man Is trying to be in his kids life and hold his weight while he is locked up,what is wrong with her? She gets mad cause I call and don’t talk to her I ask to speak to my son.
My lil man is 7 going on 8yrs old (Nov10th) I think he should have a phone.
What do you all think??
I feel like if he know how to use it then why can’t I buy him one. Do any of you mothers out there object to kids under 10yrs old having cell phones?
And why is when a man change his ways women always think a man have a hidden agenda because he won’t to keep the peace?

Why do baby mother’s always get into with there baby father’s and there family? 1. I think because the Baby mom always think she knows it all
2. Cause they don’t like people telling them how to raise there kid

How can you make co-parenting be a good thing with out all the BS
Also why do Baby Mom’s get mad at they baby daddy’s wife or new girl friend?
Please help me understand this theory of Baby Mothers mental.
Because I want to have more kids,but it scares me that I might not find that one who is compatible!

Look me up @

Timothy Beasley
DOC #624-069


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