Ronald Walker

“Introduction” by Ronald Walker

Greetings friends on the outside. My name is Ronald Walker. I’m a 44 year old proud New Orleanian, American, and Moor. I’m currently serving 20 years on a 25 year sentence for robbery. I was arrested in May 2004 and is set for release in Feb. 2024. I’m an avid reader and I enjoy playing and listening to music, all of which must contain a soul and/or purpose. Sociology, politics, religion, and pop culture are the things that interest me the most and for that reason much of what I’ll write about will contain elements of these topics. I’m also an acolyte of the Sacred Feminine, meaning that I acknowledge as truth the supreme divinity of the feminine principle. To me, this does not mean that I believe that God is female but, neither is it male. It only means that God, to my limited understanding, must be androgynous in nature, therefore is it able to create and sustain life. Much has been done over the millennia to suppress the truth of this so I, and the like-minded, seek to bring balance back to the reality of God. I believe that I can bring a unique perspective to this and other matters because I tend to travel deep inside the Rabbit Hole which allows my mind to see the intangible amongst the tangible. I’m sure that after you’ve read my writings you too would agree. I can’t be the only weirdo out in the cosmos, am I? I appreciate the time you may spend reading my thoughts and philosophies so I would be extra careful not to be redundant. Au Revoir!

Ronald Walker
DOC #366502


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