Karlton Kincaid

Introduction by KARLTON M. KINCAID


Greetings to all, and to all of which greet thee. Thee of which is within us all, without of which what could ever be? Preferably called SAVINCI; a combination of being Savvy and I hold myself to as high an esteem as Davinci. I’ve been incarcerated for the passed 7 in a half years with nearly 6 in a half months left on an eight yr. sentence. I’ve written a handful of books about Conscious Evolution and it’s Generational Enlightenment. Unfortunately, I don’t have the finances to publish my purely divine material. I never wasted a moment of my time. July 13th was the 17th day of a 78 poem production called “To The Ashes”. FYI, my ambition to inspire, enlighten and revolutionize the way the incarcerated occupy their time; it’s unquenching. On the morning of the day of which I’d received the inmateblogger email, I had been telling my spiritual partner that my spirit felt as if it were awaiting an encouraging experience. Then hours later Suzie J. appeared in my JPay inbox. Upon my own Journey of Conscious development and maturity, I’ve practiced and studied every major religion, not-so-popular spiritual customs and esoteric sciences. I’m not here to discourage or convert anyone. I only aspire to further the Enlightenment of our Awakening Mass. The contributions to American Societal Progress is of which arises from our Pentitentaries(Western Monasteries). In hopes of reaching our Universal Potential and Divine Consultant, here am I. Self-Rehabilitation and Self-Education is the KEY to Spiritual Liberty.
Civilize The Savagery,
Savvinardo Savinci

DOC #657181

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