Randall Rebuelta

Introducing Randall Rebuelta

my name is Randall Rebuelta I’m a inmate currently locked in southern Ohio correctional facililty.I’m 37 years young I’m a African american with 13 years in,I was sentenced to 23- life but I stay positive while keeping my eyes on freedom.I’m from buffalo,New York i keep my mind free threw books and music I make it and listen to it,I keep up on current events and work out and play sports to past time.I believe that in every encounter you either drain life or give it, there’s no neutral exchange.so with that said my Blog will be labeled VIBES because that’s what I Am and what I give. that vibe, that food for thought from the belly of the beast with no chaser.I am able to converse about anything and am only gona be able to give you a look into the window of my soul.if you would like to contact me you can go to jpay.com

Randall Rebuelta
DOC #503-337


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