Major McCormick

Introducing Major Mccormick


Major age 44 release date 2019 or 20 latest 22.

You may find what I have to say different, odd strange, wierd, but only in the degree of interesting, like an off beat drummer that beats his drums, but during this wild act he creates such a primitive rythm you listen, stuck in its trance wondering how? while wishing it would never end.
Starting with my name which is something in it self I am Major Cecil McCormick the third try going through school with this name then haveing to repeat your name to the world an innumerable amount of times then after they figure it out they salute you, but you’re in a polyester suit with a bowtie…. Hmmm im just getting started, Im at lebanon corrections a concrete jungle, roaches cry and mice fly in this place luckily I dont have much time let here. Im 6 month to a year away from my early release, if not im around the corner of 20,21,22. I was born a writer Ive lived in Hollywood California, you can sight see my face book page under my first and last name. Im a young 44 6’5 atheletic build, dark and tallsome but thats a short story. I have a long one to tell and im all about sharing. This is only my introduction for those who remember johnny carson commercial breaks stay tuned theres more to come any one interest in contacting me now or near future contact info major Mccormick 686167 p.o. box lebanon ohio 45036 or you can join my j pay by way of j pay .com follow the yellow brick road of instruction once you’re there.. Here from you soon.. Serendipity.

Major Mccormick
DOC #686167


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  1. Good writing Nephew! Keep it up. I,m trying to find a publisher for you guys. I,lol let you know. Love you much!
    I Remain Bonnie McCormick


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