Eddie Carter

Introducing Eddie Carter

contact info:rlcc cajun3 a2 1630 prison rd. pg.1 cottonport,la.71327

hi dear friends,how you ihope all are reading this.smile!my name is eddie carter,im39 yrs old in december and i am a capricorn,i been prison since august of 2003.i was charge on a arm robbery and was found guilty and was sentence to 50 years. my release date is 2053.but it looks like that is about to change with the new laws that are about to pass in the state of louisana and a new parole date soon hopefully.butas far as me i have a nice personality im a peoples person.i have my ged and two diplomas finished in start your own business and computer training with stratford career institute,but haven,t finished paiyng my fees to get my diploma certificates,do to not havin much funds anymore and support from my family.after my grandmother past away this jan 3, 2018 r.i.p granny,i new i would have a hard time in prison.but by the grace of god and havin faith i been strong.i have a son and daughter that is grown now.i,m down earth,i also look at life from different angles,i am not a judgemental persn,very god fearing man and a very real relationship with our creator.i,m also open minded,sociable.realistic,loveable.very incouraging ,i,m insecure about certain things and shied but i can hide it very well,also compassionate toward others and honest and a optinmistic man.i like to travel,cycle. to walk ,to watch television,be nice and enjoyable and be together with family and friends.also it doesn,t make a differents what religion people have,the differents is who you are,im christian but it doesn,t say much to me,important to me is;being opened minded and don,t judge or hurt other people.if you judge people youhave no time to love them.peoples options matter to me because we can talk about anything as long as they are honest,also i had a share of flaws in my life but i learnt and doing better as a man now.oh!by the way my nickname is rambo to my family and in prison they call me biggie or big boy.so if you my friend are willing to write me and build a friendship foundation and share your story or anything im open to it,then don,t hesitate. may god bless you my friend! your friend,EDDIE CARTER DOC NUMBER#397595 hit me on e-mail on jpay thank you.

DOC #397595


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