Lavarr Angelen

to real for tv to believe me 2.0, by lavarr avgelen (varrdio)

whats popping world ?as for me im 1,000 stayn sucka free in a room full so suckas ,feel like what they wish they could .weight up so u know them niggas hate up ,god blessed the child that can hold his own an if the child caint hold his own he will never will be a air to the thron…..karma is a mother fucka,i say that to say,that sayn what ever u do in the dark will soon come to the light ,i just found out that shit is really true .any comments or feed back hit me on jpay .com @lavarr angelen #533943 i will soon get back .until then its #freevarruntilitssaidbackwards……..

Lavarr Angelen
DOC #533943


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