Suzie Jennings, by Rasheem Matthews

As I mentioned in my initial blog I’ve hand written the autobiography of my life..I give it raw and uncut after turning on the TV and evening news seeing a mother crying beyond a yellow tape and a body laying on the ground with a sheet over it while the police will not allow her to go to her dead child laying in the streets because its considered a crime seen of murder. moved me to speak and share my story that could make people in our communities and schools stop some of the senseless killings. I wanta self publish my book I needed a way to get my voice heard.I was telling a friend in here my positive vision to reach back and help stop some senseless killings and I needed someone in the outside world to help me through social media get my story out and he told me about Suzie Jennings free blog for those that are confined.when you’re confined people forget about you and pass judgement because you’re confined.we are human beings and everyone has a story just think if you were confined?I’m sure you would hope and pray someone stops and listens?so for those in the outside world please support and commend Suzie Jennings for being compassionate and giving us her precious time and thank you for your precious time reading these blogs and share them with everyone you know.regardless of people being confined. they are human beings and coming back to our communities do not discard them show them some compassion and love by doing this you are giving them hope .I didn’t know better back than. now I do and I wanta show others better.Suzie Jennings your help will get my voice heard and save some lives so iwanta let you know Suzie you are appreciated and thank you very much. when you do good things in life you pay forward and your blessings are in the universe god bless.

Rasheem Matthews
DOC #223-185

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