Da'Von Motley Sr.

#MyBabies by: Mr. Da.Von Motley Sr.

Dear La’Niyah, La’Nycee, and Da’Von Jr.,

SMILE!!!! I LOVE AND MISS YALL SOOOO MUCH!!!!! 😉 ok… so I don’t know where to really start so I’ll start with I’m sorry. Over the past few years I haven’t been in your lives because of my actions. I’ve tried my best to be there for you all but I keep coming up short every time. Its no longer about me, its about y’all now. I have to make sure each and every one of y’all grow up and have the things you need to be productive and successful at whatever you choose to do. Most of all whatever you choose to do must be something positive. Idk how each of you feel about me or if you love or miss me or care about me or even think about me. Those thoughts hurt the most because I’m your dad. I cry sometimes because I know I hurt you by not being there in the morning, or after school, or at a game, or to make dinner, or to play and mess up everything. I just pray that if and when you read this you understand that my heart has been broken since January 31st 2014. Its been broken because I knew that I messed up and it would be a long time before I can begin to make things better. I miss you guys so much and I miss the fun times and talks and jokes and hugs and kisses and everything. Each one of you are so so so smart and bright I’m the proudest dad in the world. Y’all make me so happy because I know that y’all are well behaved and in good care. Don’t think for a second that I don’t love you or miss you or wish I could be home because I think about that everyday I wake up until I goto sleep and I dream of being home all the time. So what I want you to know is throughout these years you all have gotten older and smarter and taller and I’ve tried to become a better man and dad so that when I’m able to be there I’ll be the best dad ever!! I want y’all to be proud to say that I’m your dad. I want you to know that no matter what I’m always going to be there for y’all. Y’all my favorite people in the whole wide world!!! I never loved anyone more than I love each one of y’all!! Its important to me to show y’all that I love y’all and to be able to express that to y’all some way some how. I hope that y’all can understand that. So I miss and love y’all from the bottom of my heart and I wish I could see the smile on y’all faces and hear y’all laugh and see y’all be the goofy kids y’all like to be when y’all get together lol. 😦 I really miss y’all!!!! But hopefully I see y’all soon and talk to y’all sooner!!! Before I go.. brush your teeth 3 times a day, shower 2 times a day, eat breakfast because its the most important meal of the day, don’t talk to strangers, listen to your mom, always pay attention in school, keep up the good grades, clean your room every evening before dinner, make sure your choirs are done, and don’t be getting on your moms nerves!!! Lol so basically be silly, have fun, hug and kiss your moms, y’all help each other with homework and school and be strong for me and stay beautiful and handsome kiddos!!!!!!!!

MUAH!!!!! LOVE DAD!!!!!!!

Comments/Concerns/Reviews: JPAY or USPS

Mr. Da’Von Joshua Motley Sr. #707-119
Northeast Ohio Correctional Center
2240 Hubbard Rd.
Youngstown, OH 44505

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