Charles Allen

Introduction part 2 (by Charles Allen)

This place here can bring out the worst in u if u let it. Most people here are wolves and they can smell the weaknesses and fears of their prey. There is no rehabilitation here the only rehabilitation is the work u do on yourself. Some say what doesnt kill u only makes u stronger that is not always the case ,losing my entire family while in here didnt kill me and and it for sure did not make me stronger what it did was fill me with lonilness,sorrow and a lifetime of heartache. I do know this once i am finally out of here i will never be back cause what i did learn while here is that life is to short to waste and no matter how hard one must work it cannot Be as nearly as hard as we must work here to hold on to your sanity. I dont care if i have to work 3 full time jobs it will be better then this hellhole. Dont get me wrong i know i put my self here and i accept my punishment but is 23 years fair for a robbery like i said there is child rapist and murderers down here doing far less time then me. Now i write poetry to soothe me so i will leave u a couple of poems i wrote.

Introduction Part 1 by Charles Allen

DOC #461-704


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