Johndell Taylor

Introducing Johndell Taylor

hello how are yall doing my name is johndell, im from baton rouge la, im 23years of age,alot of people think older because how i act they say i have an old soul but im just looking for a frinend someone who have good understanding and know what they wont out of life ,a lil about myself im funny, ilove to takecare family, and love people who want better for they selr and others but my email is d.o.c 605913 or my address is 1630.prison rd ,cottin ia 71327,johndell taylor 605913 .well im gone end wit as i remainda truth

* * *

whats up this johndell a.k.a huncho im from baton roouge, im 23years of age, i been in jail for four years,im 5’7,dark skin, i weigh 1’90, i have one son ,he’s seven years old and,my goals in life is to be a real estate agent, just really looking for a friend, my email is 605913 and address is 1630.prison rd 71327….johndell taylor… i remain da truth huncho

Johndell Taylor
DOC #605913


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