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“A Spiritual prophisy made by Spencer Lindsey, is it a counsidence??? maybe, or maybe it’s not” By Paul Stotts

I’ve attended many church services in prison over the more than 11 years I’ve been inside. Many of them have been filled with inspiritional messages, incouragment, and heart felt people that want to assist prisoners along their path. Saying this, last Friday I received a spiritual message that I felt was directed at me. It’s one of those times in my life where I’ve got to think, and think some more. I can only come up with this is much more than a counsidence. Plese read on, it will be worth your time.
Let me give you a short background of a legal situation I’m going through. Last Tuesday July 17th, I had a legal appeal hearing in Wichita. This appeal was requested by the state of Kansas. I had won in a district court ruling. That ruling was that the state should offer a plea for about 13 and a half years in my criminal case. In the criminal case, I ultimately was sentenced to 31 years, then having it reduced to about 27 years currently. So going back to district court, and having the opportunity to take a plea, granted that the judge accepts it, would give me the opportunity to have a substantial portion of my sentence reduced, approximatly 10 years off. That would put me done with this criminal sentence within this year. I was 18 when I came in, I’m now 30 years old.
The ruling to offer the plea in my case has actually been made twice on the district court level. The first time this ruling was made, the state filed a direct appeal. The state won their appeal and the district court ruling to offer the plea was overturned. The ruling was made by the appeal court that #1 yes, my attorney was innefective for not telling me about the plea(my attorney at that time actually turned down the plea in the same conversation with the DA, refusing to tell me about it, saying that pleas were so predictible in Reno county, that he previously discussed them with me and there was no need to talk to me about it further.) The appeals court ruled that the second prong of the legal test, to show predigust was not met. The appeals court ruled that because I told my attorney, the one that didn’t tell me about the plea (Mr. David Holems who is now disbared from practicing law in the state of Kansas) that I wanted a plea for “around ten years,” that there is no substantial evidence within the record to show I would have accepted the plea for 13 and a half years had I known about it at the time it was offered. (the plea would have been for about 11 and a half years with the 15% good time awarded in Kansas.) Also part of the plea was to drop the attempted murder charge to aggravated batter. This was exactly the type of plea I told Mr. Holmes I’d accept, but aparently he felt there was no need to tell me about it.
Obiviously I was heart broken at the conclushion of the first appeal. The ruling in my favor had been overturned and I went into a deep depression that lasted many months.
Ultimately I attained/ legal council and filed more motions. I was able to get back to district court and establish on the record that yes in deed I would have accepted the plea for 13 and a half years at the time it was offered, had my attorney told me about it. The ruling was once again made on the district court level that I have a legal right to know about the plea and should have the oportunity to take the plea.
Last Tuesday the states appeal was heard. Keep in mind this issue has been long awaited and has been the only thing on my mind night and day for the past week or so.
On Friday the 20th of July, I went to Friday night chapel service. A man named Spencer Lindsey was preaching the service. He baptised two inmates that evening. It was a rather powerful service where I felt the presence of the spirit. Spencer is a man who has been in prison previously. He completed his sentence, changed his life and now runs several half way christian sober living houses in Topeka and Wichita. At the very end of the service Spencer, when he was ending the service in prayer, said and I quote “Someone in here is going to have their sentence reversed this week.” He repeted this again, saying it twice, as everyone in attendence could hear. I had shivers go down my spine when he said this. I couldn’t help but feel this comment was directed to me from the spirit. Maybe it was, sometimes in life just can’t be wrote off as counsidence. So, well see.
About 75 people were in attendence that night. I don’t know how many of them have their case in appeals right now, but it would be a small number. I’ve heard that some people have the spiritual gift of prophisy, so I just don’t know. It’s always a 50/50 shot when your dealing with legal issues in appeal. Things could go good, or they could go bad. I don’t want to get my hopes up about anything. The strange thing is I’ve heard Spencer Lindsey preach several times previous at this prison. I’ve never heard him, or any other preacher for that matter… ever…. in listening to sermins, speak about someone having their case overturned. It’s just not something that is brought up. Pretty strange.

It’s just strange. I’ve never really believed in fortune telling of prophesy… becasue I’ve really never had a reason to. One time when I was visiting Oceanside California I stopped in on a forturn teller, this women was a joke and told me nothing of importince. However, this prophisy that was made at church feels differnet. I don’t know if I’ll will win or not, but I wanted to share this story because it feels powerful to me. Have a wonderful day and keep a positive outlook, positive things are coming soon.

Paul Stotts
DOC #93319

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