Matthew Epperson

Will It Linger? by Matthew Epperson

I often wonder as I’m completing my final draft of Ruse of Discontent if I will make my audience emotionally involved? Will they cry? Will they become angry? Will they laugh? I know I have feelings for my characters, but will anyone else?

I finished a book last night called ‘Perks of being a Wallflower’. They made it a movie, which I haven’t seen, and its critical acclaim has made it a best seller. Why? Because it lingers.

After I finished the book I had to go outside for a walk and chew over what I read. It was like the taste or smell of something sweet filtered through my brain, and I was left with the lonely feeling that come from abandonment. I wanted to stay in the alternate reality of the book. Charlie had become my hero; I believed in him and the conflict he was confronted with. I grew to love and hate all the characters in a matter of 213 pages. The book created a void in me that could only be filled with more void. But the story was over with; the conflict conquered and the resolution resounding.

Isn’t it amazing how a book can leave you empty and satisfied at the same time? I am jealous. Because this is exactly what I want my audience to feel. I want you readers to be as invovled as I am and feel what I feel as you read Ruse of Discontent. But I can’t force these things on you. So, whenever the book is completed and you all read it, you have to promise to give me your brutally honest feed back. Okay?


Go see something live!


Matthew Epperson
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