Lavarr Angelen

to real for TV to believe me 232….. by Lavarr Angelen (varrdio)

what’s going on world ?as for me I’m 1,000 stayn sucka free in a room full of suckas feel me.:-) I feel like I’m good at what I do tho , how I move in this prison shit compared to some of these niggas . I seen nigga go from being that nigga on the streets to being in here locked up fried on meds or go from being a thug busting his gun at whoever to being a girl wit a man in a cell wit a rack a dresser an a toilet ,hahaha, it ain’t funny but it is at the same time, but its real life an im sick of this weak ass environment, I’m sayn i ain’t got nothing against what these niggas chose to do cause we all got two choices ,either u do or u dont feel me . being locked behind these walls niggas be fishy faking it like they like pussy then come to jail an slide down the chocolate shot ,hahaha we call em ass freaks from Euclid creek,we had just got locked down for some nigga name debo ,hahaha nall da nigga name really is debo ,but yeah he one of them big ass hard niggas ,but dude a ass freak from Euclid creek , dude was living a foul life he got into it wit his punk an his punk an his punk nigga put hands an feet on ole debo hahahahaha silly shit the fight looked like two kittens play jumping the family dog ,hahaha , let me stop talkn bout these silly niggas but that shit had me weak laughing .but yeah I ain’t been up to shit tho stayn true to self ,tryna keep up wit educating myself ,working out .it aint really to much to do in this bitch I wonta know what’s going out their in the real world , to give me some feed back , comments or questions u could hit me on
jpay .com @lavarr angelen # 533943… I’m out … its # freevarr until its said backwards

Lavarr Angelen
DOC #533943


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