James DeWitt

Spot the roads to prison, by James DeWitt

So many people arrive in the penitentiary not because of who they are, but mostly because of who they hang with. So many voices cry out with absolute conviction that if they didn’t hang with a certain person or certain people they would not be in this place. What does that really mean? Should greater emphasis be placed on association? Let me tell you that it should! Men need only to examine the friends they have to determine if they’re penitentiary bound. Brothers have to face this with the understanding that the system is designed to seek them out. There is no break in it’s pursuit. The doors to this place swing open in hopes that you are conditioning your mind in ways that will accelerate your arrival. You should see it as the system is the predator and you brothers are the prey. It’s not because you’re a bad person, but it seeks you out purely because you’re doubted, misunderstood and targeted.
So many here speak about how the absence of a father guided their reactions and decisions in unnoticeable ways. The truth beyond what’s mostly said is that those reactions and decisions are rooted in suppressed hurt and misdirected anger. This certainly isn’t everybody’s case but it does apply to many. Those hurts and pains need to be dug up and spoken upon to prevent them from negatively affecting your perceptions of others and of yourself. Leaving them in the drivers seat unchecked is like riding on the passenger side of a Uber car with its destination set for prison.
Negative perceptions of yourself causes you to see negative value in yourself and in your abilities. Misguided and unchecked thoughts of yourself cause you to put greater value in what others say of you then what is true of you. The type of people to have and keep around you are those who remind you of the greatness within you. A caring friend will bring to your attention behaviors that threatens your freedom. What has to be lost before you regret losing it. What highways to prison can you spot in your life? Take charge of your future today by reversing the practices that threatens your time with family and love ones. When I write these words I hope to express the importance of you being able to see you, and for you to recognize what behaviors you’re normalizing. The hope is that you take some real accounts of yourself and care enough about you to make good decisions and seek reversal to those ways that will cause you to lose more than than you could ever imagine. I’m Hoping to say something that make you think about it.

James DeWitt
DOC #1007872

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