Lavarr Angelen

metroboomn :-) fire drops .232.0 :-) by lavarr angelen

what’s going on world ,as for me I’m forever 1,000 keeping my head up to the sky doing this shit like I know how feel me ,that’s why I named this blog metroboomn ,fire drops . cause its self explanatory. but any ways I’m so focus about getting back home to my family its crazy cause I ain’t been out their wit the shit I know now ,but when I do touch down best believe its gon be # varrfree T-shirt jumping off ,hahaha nall I’m just fucking around I don’t spread myself to thin cause nigga an bicthes be faking wit they self tryna be something or someone they really not feel me ,see as I been locked up I had found myself mentally by turning to self help books an really putting the time in the things I was reading to really understand what the writer was talkn about ,then I started experiencing just what they was sayn at the time it really was happen to me in my life ,like real time .its crazy but in my mind I know I’m not the only person in the world that found they self?how many people have found their self in the mist of some bullshit ? ,to me its a good thing to know yourself ,I’m glad I found my self but its safe to say my past experiences is what lead me up to this point in my life an I learned a lesson In my stay .being locked up made me in to a man that know what it takes to not come back ,cause this shit easy as fuck to get into but hard as fuck to get out of . #free da guy till we all free , o yeah hood novel on the way ,called ”guerilla warfare ”,1 an 2 .coming soon ..for any comments or questions or feed back ,hit my up on
jpay .com @ lavar angelen #533943 ,until then its # freevarruntilitssaidbackwards …..?.

Lavar Angelen
DOC #533943


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